How to Quit Smoking Weed

Albeit polemics or disagreements regarding the recreational and medicinal benefits of cannabis, weed remains to be exceptionally popular. Not only does it have an abundant representation in popular culture but also majority state and local régimes have and are rolling back illegalization regulations on the sale and use of marijuana.

Conversely, cannabis is a product which when used excessively causes problems. Quitting smoking marijuana is not easy. Nonetheless, it is possible with treatment. Below are some tips which elucidate the methods you can use to quit buying weed and smoking it and the benefits of doing so.

How does marijuana change the brain?

The ideal technique to embrace to begin the process of kicking the habit is through comprehending what weed does to the brain and why you need effort and tenacity to walk away from a smoking joint. Marijuana constitutes two major chemical compounds: THC (psychoactive) and CBD (non-psychoactive). THC, the psychoactive compound affects how the brain functions by forcing its cannabinoid receptors to act beyond natural constraints.  Hence, causing the euphoric sensation among people after they smoke cannabis or consume an edible product. Most individuals use marijuana to unwind and overcome social apprehension.

Despite the fun effects people get from smoking weed, they can become addicts. A person who smokes daily or has been for a long time will encounter difficulties trying to object a smoking invitation. And if they do not smoke, they may experience withdrawal effects which come psychologically such as anxiety, depression, and agitation among others as well as fatigue and fever among other physical symptoms. Also, persons with mental health disorders who perceive smoking marijuana as a means of escaping their daily life issues risk becoming addicts.

The more you get habituated to being high on weed, the more you come to presume that to function properly, you will have to get high. The tonic which comes from the THC eliciting the brain’s cannabinoid receptors is different from other forms of pleasure. Thus, forcing you to choose to get high over everything else. Hence, you may have futile attempts trying to quit smoking.

How to stop smoking weed

To most smokers, the desire to quit is imprudent more so if something goes wrong such as arguing with a family member over the habit. The brain and the body condition themselves to every THC puff thereby making it difficult to put down a joint. And despite the determination involved in the decision to quit smoking, it is often made in the heat of the moment. Also, there is no idea of how these people can cope up with life without weed.

So, the aspiration to quit smoking ought to be comprehensive – based more on attitude and less on the action. As a smoker, you need to understand that you do not need cannabis anymore. And to do so, you need to set a quitting period in advance. After, you need to discard all marijuana-related stuff such as smoking pots and bongs. This will help reduce the temptation. Below are some steps to quitting you can use.


Withdrawal is a less pleasant aspect to stop smoking weed as it comes with insomnia, appetite change, and irritability effects among others. Even though it is a difficult process because of the brain’s changing functionality due to the THC, it is not dangerous. However, it can compel you to engage in a risky activity like substituting marijuana with another drug to lessen the discomfort. You can check into a treatment institution to undertake the process with apt medical supervision.

New hobby

Developing a new hobby is also another means to stop smoking. For instance, tapering which involves gradually eliminating the use of marijuana or cold turkey which involves embracing a complete stoppage of the use of weed. Tapering is beneficial to persons who have been smoking weed for a long time while cold turkey is the opposite.

Exercises and diet

Exercise is good for the body and mind. And as a means to quit smoking, it facilitates the transition away from cannabis. The brain gets to have an augmented connection. Also, you get to have enhanced moods. Additionally, you need to take a balanced diet which will not in any way trigger the desire to smoke.

Change your lifestyle

Another step to use to quit smoking is changing your lifestyle. Do not embrace the same routine you did as a smoker. Instead, develop a new one which does not include any factors which may tempt or trigger you to smoke.

In conclusion, detoxing from marijuana can be a cumbersome task especially for someone who has been on it for a long time. But, it is not impossible. Above are some of the methods you can use to quit smoking marijuana.