Can’t Wake Up: Tips to Make the Morning Easier

According to statistics, 9 out of 10 people who need to get up early in the morning use the phrase, “5 more minutes.” Few people succeed in getting up with the alarm clock. Meet best Kiev women for chat online.  Very often, it becomes a psychological issue, when you try to deceive your mind. Fortunately, there are several ways that will help you make your morning easier and allow you to come to work on time.

1. Psych yourself up for an easy getting up beforehand

 You may not believe in esoteric and horoscopes, but psychology is a science, and it advises you to be engaged in self-suggestion. Not literally, of course. The fact is that expecting a hard getting up in the morning, most likely you will get it. But if you program yourself for an easy getting up and be engaged in such self-suggestion all the time, the body will conduct quite adequately at 6 am. If in the morning you have to make some tedious but important task, try to motivate yourself for an early getting up by the fact that as soon as you make this task, you will have a whole day ahead for the realization of your ideas and secondary goals.

2. Do not eat at night

It is quite difficult to go to bed on a full stomach. The fact is that the muscles do not work at night, and the metabolic processes do not convert food into energy. In addition, if the body is saturated with glucose at night, when it is not processed, you risk suffering from insomnia. Another disadvantage of eating at night is the harm you can do to your digestive system. After all, the food will not be digested during sleep. In the mornings, you can feel tired, although the day is just beginning. However, if you cannot fall asleep, being hungry, nutritionists advise having a light snack, for example, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled egg or milk. But if you eat flour products, cereal with milk, fruits, and vegetables as well as potatoes, then you can forget about the cheerful mood in the morning.

 3. Start having a delicious breakfast

It will be much easier to get up on time and exchange a warm bed for breakfast. A hungry stomach will not miss the opportunity to fill itself to the fullest. So, make sure to have different kinds of breakfast since it is the first and probably the most important dose of energy that you receive in the morning. It shouldn’t be about instant noodles or junk food bought on the way to work. You can get up 15 minutes earlier but have time to cook a really tasty and healthy breakfast, including fresh vegetables or freshly cooked cereals.

4. Sleep in complete silence and darkness

Even if you can fall asleep with the lights on or with the stereo system working outside the windows, this does not mean that your sleep will provide you with energy for the whole day. Most likely, after such a dubious pastime, you will not sleep well and, moreover, will feel overwhelmed in the morning. Try to protect yourself from unnecessary noise or light. Even a small light source like a flashlight behind a covered window can complicate the process of falling asleep. For those who are especially susceptible to such things, it’s better to get a sleep mask and earplugs.